COVID-19 safety

Dear Valued Customers:

First, I hope that this finds you and your families healthy and safe. These are trying times to be certain.

As more states issue “Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” orders, we wanted to clarify our position regarding this important matter. All the States issuing orders have exempted the moving & storage industry from the mandates due to our critical role in the nation’s supply chain. We are therefore able to operate our business and perform important functions in healthcare, hospitality, and moving & storage. In fact, we are being flooded with service requests from FEMA, the ports, and manufacturers of goods that are being diverted. There is indeed a profound need for our services in times like these.

We will continue to keep mission-critical functions working in our offices including dispatch, customer service, and warehousing. We will also try and accommodate employees that need to work from home due to hardship (e.g., exposure, caregivers, etc.). We will continue to monitor conditions carefully and ask that you notify us immediately if you feel ill or come into close contact with someone who is known to have the virus. We obviously want to be responsible and not expose our employees to the virus if it can be avoided.

It is critical that we continue operating “normally” (to the extent possible) in order to preserve jobs and to serve people and industries that need us. We are fortunate to have a business that will survive this unique challenge and support our dedicated employees in the process.

Thank you as always for staying positive during these trying times. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Don Hindman

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