Self-Storage & Staging

We Bring Self-Storage to you

Our Crate & Store program is great for self-storage and de-cluttering your home. Whether you are moving and need to tidy up your home, or just want to store out of season items Crate & Store is the easiest solution. With our Crate & Store program, there is no need to driving to and from storage facilities, we bring self-storage to you.

How It Works

  1. We deliver up to 5 crates to your home. The crates are 5x7x7.
  2. You pack up your crates and padlock your crates.
  3. We pick up the from your home and storage them in our weather controlled storage facility. No need to drive back and forth to a storage facility.
  4. Once you need your crates back, simply call us and we deliver them straight to your home.

A reputable storage company since 1900

You never have to worry about your belongings when storing them with Johnson! We’ve been providing safe, secure full-service storage solutions and self-storage containers since 1900. The U.S. Government has approved our facilities and inspects them unannounced three or more times per year, checking for cleanliness, fire and burglar protection, pest control, financial stability and record keeping.

Not sure which solution fits your moving needs?